Thursday, 29 June 2017

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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Andreas' puppy

Even Bergman had limits (dialog for a comic strip)

Elegia (my persona in the comic)
Andreas' puppy from L182 (The Passion of Ana)

Requiem: I should let you know that I don't do safe sex. I only do sex with consequences. More specifically, I don't care for sex that has no possibility to impregnate you. I want to be the trigger of life inside you and to change your body and mind forever. Once I'm in, I won't pull out until my seed is inside you. Your bleeding won't make me stop. And I will do it as many times as it takes to get you pregnant. Do you still want this?

Elegia: I swear have no idea where this came from. It must have been that awful "Taken in Hand" website I looked into years ago. I knew I shouldn't have looked into it. And all these Blutengel videos. I swear I'm not into S&M or vampirism or TiH. I just like dark fantasy. I'm the most boring vanilla sex partner ever in real life. No, I'm like, unflavored. Asexual.

Requiem: Wtf... Are you breaking the 4th wall, bitch? Who do you think you are, Ingmar Bergman? WHAT ABOUT LEARNING YOUR ANATOMY SO YOU CAN DRAW ME PROPERLY? START WITH MY COCK!

Elegia: You are trash, I have no idea why I kept you alive all these years.

Requiem: No, you have become trash, your virgin 17 year old self knew nothing about cock when it created me. I was all noble villain and shit. You corrupted all of us with your self-destructive behaviors and inability to manage your fictional influences. Poor Spiegelei now thinks he is John Galt. Like the world needs more trashy Randoid fiction. "The parasite copies."

Elegia: You're humiliating your creator.

Requiem: Ooooh I hurt your feels. Are we gonna fuck or what? Why don't you end your pretense of writing dystopias or art comics or whatever and just write porn? Good old honest porn. All you want is to fuck me, anyway, it's all you think about. You're always masturbating thinking about me.

Elegia: Shut up!!!

Requiem: You even decided to made yourself look like Liv Ullmann now to increase your chances with me. How pathetic is that. Hahaha!

Elegia: Listen, I'm so done with you. You are dead to me.

*Elegia pulls out gun and shoots Requiem*
*Requiem character doesn't budge or flinch*

Requiem: You know you can't kill me. You can't kill a character. It will live in your mind as long as you live, you know this. DEAL WITH IT! Also, you are copying a sketch from that famous Portuguese comedian, what's his name... You know, the son of Carlos Lopes.

Elegia: Snif.

*Elegia breaks in tears*

Requiem: Hahahahaha...Wait, are you crying for real? Aww... I'm sorry. Don't cry. Hey, come on, what's this all about... Even Ingmar Bergman had limits with the melodrama. We were just having a laugh.

 *Requiem hugs Elegia tenderly*

Requiem: Here, Have Andreas' puppy.

 *Elegia cries even louder*

the selfish parasite oath

I swear by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man.

The parasite copies